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Is There a Cure for Constipation?

Have you ever suffered from hard, dry stool that was difficult or even painful to pass?  Are there times when your bowel movements are infrequent or don’t occur for days on end?  Are there times when you have acute abdominal or lower back pain?  If you have ever suffered from any of the symptoms above, then you are no stranger to constipation.  In all honesty, all of us have had constipation symptoms at some point in our lives.  Most of the time, the problem passes and we return to our normal lives. 

Then again, there are those times when the constipation symptoms are so severe that we cannot go about our usual routines.  During such periods and in between laxative treatments, we sometimes find ourselves wondering if there is a cure for constipation so that we never have to suffer through such pain and discomfort again.  Unfortunately, there really is no cure for constipation but you can decrease your odds for developing symptoms.

Constipation can arise due to a blockage in the digestive tract or a malfunction within the system itself.  In the case of  a blockage, it may be necessary to clean the entire tract out in order to flush compacted feces and waste from the walls of the colon and bowel.  Enemas sometimes prove effective in this capacity but they sometimes do not clean far enough into the tract in order to truly remedy the problem. 

Colon cleansers are often used in lieu of enemas or laxatives because they are more effective at cleaning more of the digestive tract.  By flushing the entire system, all potential sources of blockage can be eliminated and the walls of the digestive tract cleared of waste and feces.  This will decrease the amount of harmful bacteria present in your body and reduce chances for future problems with constipation.    It is important to use colon cleansers made with all-natural ingredients as those made from harsh chemicals may cause side effects such as dehydration which can actually worsen the situation.

The vast majority of the time, constipation which is not caused by a blockage is usually caused by poor diet and lack of exercise.  Failure to eat a balanced diet rich in fiber or to exercise regularly will greatly increase chances for developing constipation symptoms as well as a host of other health problems. 

Therefore, while not a cure, eating a healthy and balanced diet while getting plenty of exercise is the surest way to avoid constipation problems there is.  A healthy lifestyle and cleaning out the digestive tract every few months with an all-natural colon cleanser are at the top of the list towards a relief from ongoing constipation.  The closer to nature you stay, the more natural you become.

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