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The Best Way to Go About Seeking Constipation Treatment

Most people are embarrassed to seek constipation treatment since the condition itself embarrasses them. For people with occasional constipation, a visit to the doctor is not that necessary but for those with chronic constipation, you should consider seeking constipation treatment pronto.

It would be wise to have some knowledge about constipation when seeking constipation treatment. This way, when you go to the doctor's office, you know exactly what you should ask about your condition. Seeking constipation treatment is as easy as 1, 2, 3 if you know what to ask and are a bit prepared on what the answers will be.

Questions to Ask When You are Seeking Constipation Treatment

Question: How regular should a person's bowel movement be?
Possible Answer: Bowel movement consistency and regularity varies from person to person. For some people, a bowel movement every other day is okay and for some it may be fewer. The best indication if you are possibly constipated is if you have an incredibly hard time passing out stools and if there is blood on the stools.

Question: What is the cause of constipation?
Possible Answer: this question has plenty of possible answers. When seeking constipation treatment, the number one answer however is lack of fiber in you diet, low intake of fluids and insufficient exercise. Travel, supplements and medications, underlying diseases and disorders, worrying too much over bowel movement regularity, poor bowel habits, pregnancy and overusing laxatives can also be causes of constipation.

Question: I take medications and supplements daily, can they possibly be the cause of my constipation?
Possible Answer: It depends on what kind of supplements and medications you are currently taking. For example, calcium and iron supplements have been proven to have a hardening effect on stools. For medications, heart medication, anti-Parkinson's medication, antidepressants, antacids that contain aluminum and tranquilizers.

Question: Are there tests that can verify if I have constipation and to rule out possible underlying diseases?
Possible Answer: Yes, there are tests. The most common test is the DRE or digital rectal exam. The doctor will put a gloved and lubricated finger in your anus to check for tenderness, swelling or blood. If the doctor is not convinced that your constipation is actually a condition but a symptom of a more serious disease, the doctor may perform simple thyroid and blood tests or the more complex tests like colonoscopies, barium enema x-rays, sigmoidoscopies, Anorectal manometry or defecography.

Question: What type of treatment is recommended for my constipation and how effective is it?
Possible Answer: When seeking constipation treatment, your options will depend on the severity of your constipation. For people with occasional constipation, the doctor may recommend a program that includes eating fiber rich foods, high intake of fluids and adequate exercise. For people with chronic constipation the most recommended is laxative treatment in combination with the diet program above.

Other treatments include the new constipation drug lubiprostrone, intake of probiotics, acupressure and ayurvedic remedies. The efficacy of treatments varies from person to person so if the treatment does not work, ask your doctor for alternative constipation treatments.

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