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Living Right for Constipation Relief

Laxative is usually the first thing many people run to for constipation relief. What many fail to realize however, is that making simple changes with the way we live our lives is often the best form of constipation relief.

Are you always on the run? Studies show that people who are living hectic lives are more prone to constipation. It would seem that the rate at which you live your life is inversely proportional to your bowel movement. The following are four simple changes you can do or add to your daily habits for more permanent constipation relief.

Plan your meals. People who are always busy usually don’t have the time to take regular meals, not to mention plan what they put into those meals. As such, they often become the victims of an imbalanced diet.

People who take the time to put in healthier content to their meals, particularly fiber-rich content, are less likely to go to the doctor seeking constipation relief.

Chew thoroughly. Digestion begins in the mouth. When you chew your food 30 to 40 times before swallowing, you stomach would not have a hard time digesting its contents. The same goes for your intestines and your bowel movement. Thus, you can actually consider chewing thoroughly as a natural form of constipation relief.

Run even if you’re on the run. Many people try to justify not getting any exercise because of their busy lives. But a little cardio workout 10 to 20 minutes a day is not so demanding if it’s constipation relief we’re talking about.

Sedentary people are more likely to suffer from bouts of constipation. And no, don’t think that just because you’re busy talking on the phone and moving to and fro in the office everyday you’re already getting an exercise as it is.

Exercise is when there is accelerated heart rate and sweat involved. Your workout should let oxygen into your body to help your internal organs work properly and that includes your intestines.

Try squatting. Aside from your exercise routine, you can squat for about 10 minutes every morning when you wake up for constipation relief. This will relieve any gas and stimulate the urge to pass stool at the same time.

Constipation Relief - When it’s NOT Working…

Sometimes, constipation is due to other related causes in addition to your lifestyle. Medication, pregnancy, and stress can all give you a hard time moving it. Some people experience constipation when they go on holiday vacations.

Though you may have to temporarily use laxatives for constipation relief during such cases, people with healthier lifestyles continue to be better off than those who are purely laxative-dependent.

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