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Eating Right for Constipation Relief

The age-old wisdom about constipation relief comes from home. And we all know our mothers were right when they told us to eat our greens when we were kids. Yet, time, work, and access to burger and pizza joints only served to make us forget that natural constipation relief taught to us by our mamas.

How our bodies work has not changed however. And after many constipated days and years, we may find ourselves spending a fortune just to hear our doctors tell us the same thing: “Eat your greens!”

Keeping constipation at bay is similar to keeping a fit and healthy body. You have to work for it. Constipation relief comes only when there is enough roughage on your plate and you’re taking in food with enough water content to hydrate your body, your stomach, and your colons.

Try the following tips for faster and more effective constipation relief.

Load up on grains. Whole wheat products, oats, and rye among others are your best sources of fiber.

Get the green leafy. Remember your mama and how she used to force down those veggies down your throat. Well, you may now have to force them down your throat if you know what constipation relief is good for you.

Go on dates. Before going to bed, soak some figs, raisins, and dates in water or fruit juice and eat them in the morning for a liberating constipation relief.

Drink up. Make sure you gulp down enough water daily. Some dieticians recommend at least 8 glasses. But if your diet is filled with meat and processed foods, you might have to double that one.

Try the lemon squeeze. Every morning, squeeze a lemon into a hot cup of water with a pinch of salt. Drink daily to keep it moving.

Constipation Relief - The Dark Side of Fiber

Fiber can be a tricky thing. There is the soluble and the insoluble type. While insoluble fiber had already earned its stripes, soluble fiber is only beginning to come into the spotlight. Whatever type of fiber you’re taking in though, you can rest assure that both types will bring constipation relief.

The thing however, is that fiber tends to give one more than just constipation relief – gas. Any type of fiber produces flatulence in an individual although the degree of flatulence varies depending on the food source and the level of tolerance of an individual.

Since every person’s reaction to fiber varies, you might have to go through trial and error to find out which types of fiber-rich food work best for you.

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