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Getting Inside Your Constipation Cure

Constipation cure is now a multi-faceted thing with thousands of websites offering the best constipation cure in the market. Some on the other hand, offer lifestyle advice on how to change your life and diet to avoid constipation. Others gladly provide you with a list of foods and herbs that serve as natural laxatives.

While the numerous constipation cure information may all be legitimate, have you ever stopped to wonder what makes these remedies tick? Well, here are some details about the inner workings of some of these so-called sure-fire constipation cures.

Water. This is essential for the major functions of your body and your organs. When your bowels lack hydration, the stool becomes hard and difficult to move. Thus, retaining enough water not just in the colon but within the stool itself is important will keep you from becoming constipated.

Juices. Fruit and vegetable juices function like water. They keep your system hydrated, but with a bonus – you get essential vitamins and minerals in the process too. Prune juice is a very effective constipation cure as well as apple, pear, and asparagus among others.

Psyllium. These are tiny seeds that contain fiber called mucilage. Psyllium is a popular constipation cure because the mucilage it contains absorb plenty of fluids in the colon area causing the seeds to swell. This adds bulk to the stool thereby pressing against the walls of the intestines. The contraction of the intestinal muscles induces bowel movement in the process. You need to drink lots of water for psyllium to become effective though.

Linseed. Also known as flax, linseed contains fiber and essential fatty acids and works like psyllium in your body. Thus, you also need to drink plenty of water, about a quarter pint for every desert spoonful of linseed, for it to be an effective constipation cure.

Senna. As early as 9th century, senna has been treated by Arabian physicians as a food and dietary supplement for constipation. Senna contains anthraquinone that works as a powerful laxative and constipation cure. It should not be used for extended periods however, as you can grow dependent on them.

Rhubarb. This contains fiber and a natural laxative chemical that can function as a strong constipation cure.

Enema - Constipation Cure by Colon Cleansing

Before drugs and artificial laxatives were invented, colon cleansing or enema was the most popular constipation cure available to people. Enema is the process where liquid is injected into the colon area to take out the toxins and fecal matter. The liquid softens the stool and causes the intestines to contract at the same time to allow the passage of the stool.

The process of enema can be compared to a thorough brushing of your teeth. Enema equipment includes a pot, drainage tube, tapped nozzle, and sterilized catheter. The process is simple and has no known side effects.

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