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Constipation and Herbal Teas – Drink Up!

Studies have shown that stimulant herbal teas are effective on relieving constipation. When used in the appropriate dosage, it can successfully prevent and control occasional and chronic constipation. As herbal teas are made from all natural ingredients, they are relatively safe; however, not when you over consume them.

There is such a saying as “too much of something” is not good. This is especially true in the case of constipated people taking herbal teas. As herbal teas fall in the category of natural constipation remedies, it is hard not to over consume it since it works well and besides, what could go wrong with an all natural constipation relief?

Constipation and Herbal Teas – When is Enough… Enough?

Herbal teas work well with constipation since it stimulates the bowels leading to increased bowel movements. The key to taking herbal teas is “everything in moderation”. If you are considering taking herbal teas for constipation relief, be aware of the following:

Always keep in mind that even if herbal teas are a hundred percent natural, they are still made from herbs and they are still considered as ‘medicine’.

When deciding to take herbal teas to ease constipation, consult with your local pharmacist, licensed herbalist or a doctor as to what herbal tea, the duration of treatment and dosage of herbal tea is right for you.

If you have already started taking herbal teas without a professional’s advice, go straight to a licensed professional armed with the package of your herbal tea. A lot of herbal teas are under the FDA’s fire right now and some of them are herbal teas that contain one or a mix of the following: senna, aloe vera, buckthorn, castor oil, cascara and many others. This is due to the fact that herbal teas containing these ingredients should be used with extreme caution, in moderation and under the watchful and caring eye of a licensed professional.

Extremely excessive and long-term use of the above mentioned herbal teas can lead to chronic constipation, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, fainting and worse, it can contribute to your untimely demise.

Always make it a point to inform your doctor or your pharmacist about what herbal teas you are taking. Some medications can counteract the good effects of the herbal teas making them less potent. Informing your doctor or pharmacist about them will make their job easier.

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