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Constipation Relief – Eat Fiber, Fiber And More Fiber

It's definitely been a cold winter and that's had a lot of people staying inside, more sedentary than usual, and likely eating to compensate. That means, if you are like most people you've gained a bit of weight.

Don't feel alone. The bulk of the world around you is heavy as well. As a matter of fact, when it comes to Americans, two thirds of the population is overweight and almost half are clinically obese.

Many people will try out a number of diet fads every year, hoping to get back in shape in time to wear a swimsuit to the beach when summer begins. However, those stats are not a full-time solution. If they were, you wouldn't notice 6-8 months later, after trying one of those fads, all the weight comes back. Instead the solution to the problem is learning how to eat right and maintain a healthy diet.

When it comes to what to eat, think fiber, fiber, fiber. Most of us don't eat enough fiber in our daily dietary intake. As a matter of fact, men are supposed to eat 29 g or more of fiber per day. Women are supposed to eat 26 g of fiber or more per day. The problem is that most people think that one little piece of lettuce on a fast food hamburger is a serving of fiber. It's not.

Foods with fiber serve a number of benefits to the body when trying to get back in shape. First, high fiber foods are going to give you ongoing energy to keep moving throughout the day. Secondly, a high fiber diet is going to make you feel full more often. Foods with a high fiber content are heavier than other foods. Think of how you feel after eating a bunch of fruits or a big plate of vegetables. They fill you up. This is going to keep you from eating many of those things that are going to just fatten you up.

Additionally, there is another side effect that these foods have for your body think of them as fiber supplements. High fiber foods can help to stave off constipation. Have you ever noticed that in the constipation relief aisle at the store are all sorts of fiber supplements? That is because fiber keeps waste flowing through the system and lessens the chances of constipation. Think of a high fiber diet as your own natural nutritional supplements to keep your body regular. Bitcoin Accepted Here