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Getting The Right Constipation Help

Constipation is generally pretty broadly defined and can include any or all of the following:  difficulty or pain during bowel movement, dry or hard stool, and infrequent or even non-existent bowel movements.  While constipation can take on several forms, the causes of constipation are far greater:  improper diet, travel, lack of physical activity, medication, hormone imbalance, and even blockages within the intestines or colon itself.  Because there are so many variations of constipation and even more potential causes, persons seeking constipation help may be overwhelmed by the number of options available to them. 

Unfortunately, many do not seek constipation help because they believe the problem will “take care of itself” in a day or two.  Even if that were true, the fact remains that deadly toxins and harmful bacteria are lingering in your body until it “takes care of itself”.  This condition of having compacted waste in your intestines means that parasites such as hook worm are better able to attach to intestine linings.  And the longer you delay receiving constipation help, the more compacted material builds up, the more toxins and bacteria concentrate, and the greater your odds of the condition leading to a much more severe medical condition.

But when should one seek constipation help from a doctor and when can you seek relief on your own?  Any time constipation is chronic and prolonged (lasting more than 3 or 4 days), it is time to seek help from a professional.  Now it may only require some modification to your diet or it may require surgery or even irrigating your colon—but the more frequent and chronic your constipation, the more likely it will lead to bigger health issues down the road.

You generally do not need to seek constipation help from a doctor when the condition is infrequent and short term.  If you have not had a bowel movement in a couple of days and it is causing some minor pain in your stomach, then a simple constipation relief product should do the trick.  This should stimulate bowel movement and you should see relief within a day or so.  Just be careful not to overuse laxatives as they can be addicting and ultimately lead to larger health concerns if abused.  Natural products are much better.

Short term constipation relief is great but long term prevention is better.  In addition to a proper diet rich in fiber and drinking plenty of fluids, a person should cleanse the colon every few months just to remove any fecal build-up.  Constipation help is rarely needed when you have a proper diet and clean out the colon once in awhile.  Just be sure to use a proven cleanser that uses only natural products because harsh chemicals can cause side effects that are even worse than the constipation itself!  Whatever you do, don’t wait until you are doubled over in pain before seeking constipation help.  By then, you may have already waited too long and suddenly constipation help is the least of your concerns!

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