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Finding an Effective Constipation Cure

Infrequent bowel movements are by no means uncommon and they can occur for a variety of reasons.  Some of the more common causes of short term constipation are:  traveling, sudden change in diet, medication use, dehydration, pregnancy, poor nutrition, and even lack of exercise.  In truth, there really is no actual constipation cure due to the varying causes of the condition.  However, the surest and most effective constipation remedy is proper diet and exercise.

While not an actual constipation cure, modifying your diet will in fact greatly reduce problems with bowel movements.  When it comes to diet and using it as a tool to fight constipation, the number one thing to remember is:  FIBER. 

Nutritionists will tell you that fiber effectively slows down digestion.  Fiber is often recommended to people trying to lose weight because it causes the body to use more energy to extract nutrients from your food and therefore effectively increases metabolism.  Where bowel movements and constipation are concerned, fiber “adds bulk” to your stool while normalizing the function so that it is more regular and predictable.

Again, adding fiber to your diet is not really a constipation cure.  However, it is the most effective natural substance known to prevent irregular bowel movements.  Foods high in fiber are:  bran, shredded wheat, whole grain breads, and certain fruits like grapes or apples.  However, for truly effective constipation prevention, a fiber supplement is highly recommended.

A fiber supplement contains indigestible vegetable fiber.  In addition to being the most effective constipation cure known, fiber also has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, lower chances of developing colon polyps (another known source of chronic constipation) or cancer, and can even reduce or even prevent hemorrhoids.  However, adding fiber to your diet (either naturally or via supplements) will not be an immediate constipation cure or remedy.  It takes time for the fiber to effectively regulate the bowel movements (weeks, and in some cases, months) so do not consider fiber for short term constipation relief.

Besides adding fiber to your diet, it is also recommended that you drink plenty of water as dehydration is often the cause of short term constipation.  While adding fiber and water to your daily diet is not a constipation cure, it is the most effective means of preventing recurrences of constipation in the future.

For short term constipation relief, consider using laxatives made of natural ingredients.  Many over-the-counter laxatives use harsh chemicals that can damage your colon, cause addiction, and lead to serious medical conditions.  Remember, there is not a constipation cure but using harsh chemicals for short term relief is not recommended.  A natural oxygen-based colon cleanser has been used with great success.  PoopDoc is such a constipation relief product using nacent oxygen to slowly release throughout the entire intestinal tract.

There may in fact never be any constipation cure available but including fiber and plenty of water in your diet will certainly reduce infrequent bowel movements—naturally.  While you may need to resort to a constipation relief agent today as a constipation remedy, adding fiber and plenty of water to your diet will reduce your likelihood of having to do so in the future.  In addition to diet, daily physical exercise is the final ingredient in the most effective constipation cure we have at our disposal.  Consult with your health care provider before making alterations to your diet or beginning any exercise regimen.

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