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True Constipation Causes Are Often Our Bad Habits!!

While we would hate to admit it and rather chalk our troubles up to bad luck or genetics, the truth is that many of our constipation causes are actually due to our own bad habits. What actually makes constipation so difficult to treat is the fact that many patients are not honest with their physicians about their recent behaviors. Some factors that people don't think about when trying to find the causes of their constipation:

. Recent Travel
. New Medication
. Over-Exertion
. Missing or withholding a normal bowel movement
. Stress
. Recent change in diet
. Pregnancy or other hormonal factors
. Too much calcium (dairy products)
. Lack of adequate water intake

There are typically no long term medical consequences to short term cases of constipation so long as the problem is gone within a few days and does not return frequently. Failing to evacuate waste in a timely manner is a big issue because it can cause toxins and even bacteria to accumulate in the colon until they are reabsorbed into the blood stream where they can cause even bigger problems.

Severe cases of constipation have been known to lead to death should the bacteria population grow dramatically and cause a condition known as septicemia to form. Unless a massive injection of antibiotics is given, the infection can lead to death. Getting enough fluids and daily exercise are also important to anyone looking to solve their constipation problems permanently.

Because dehydration is a common cause of constipation problems, avoiding activities and the consumption of products that may lead to the condition is highly recommended. Such activities/products include:

. Alcohol
. Caffeinated products including tea, coffee, and sodas
. Dietary supplements
. Laxatives
. Excessive exercise
. Medications that may lead to dehydration including:

1. antidepressants
2. high-blood pressure pills
3. pain killers such as codeine, ibuprofen
4. Parkinson's medication
5. Diabetes medication

In order to avoid constipation problems, perhaps the best route is to take is to eat plenty of dietary fiber and be sure to get plenty of exercise while taking care to avoid dehydration (drink more water!). Sadly, there is precious little that a diet, exercise, and plenty of water can do about the waste that has already accumulated, dried, and compacted along the walls of the colon.

When you really need to clear up a bad case of constipation or cleanse the bowels completely, a colon hydrotherapy can be effective but costly and a little uncomfortable. A bowel cleanser is a low-cost but equally effective colon flushing solution that can help prevent constipation problems from returning by effectively dissolving waste clinging to the walls of the colon and intestines. Any constipation remedy, including colon cleansers, should be made from all natural products because anything made with chemicals is more likely to cause side effects, such as:

. Dehydration
. Kill beneficial bacteria in intestines and colon
. Skin problems like acne, premature aging
. Constipation

Although the causes of constipation are often our own bad habits, we can help reduce chance of the problem developing by using all natural colon cleansers.

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