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Colon Cancer – All It Takes Is A Simple Stool Test

Did you know that March is colorectal cancer awareness month? Colon cancer is one of those cancers that most people do not like to talk about. After all, it is in an area that most people do not like to talk about. This is perhaps, why colon cancer is becoming such a major problem.

Unfortunately when it comes to colon cancer, many people do not know what colon cancer symptoms are. They have never really looked into what the signs of colon cancer are because they are afraid to even talk about the topic. This often means that many people are not diagnosed early in the progression of the disease, and we all know, the longer it is before you are diagnosed and the higher of the colon cancer stages you are diagnosed in, the harder and less likely the recovery.

For this reason, this Colon Cancer Awareness Month, doctors and cancer survivors are hoping that people will take the time out to get screened.

There are a number of programs across the country that are actually helping people get screened for colon cancer for free. All it takes is a simple stool test to find out if they have a risk of this disease. Additionally, doctors say all people over 50 should be screened regularly.

The exception to this testing method is if you have a family history of colon cancer. Those who are more apt to developing cancer in the colon should talk to their doctor about it, as they should be screened more regularly and more thoroughly because of the hereditary risk.

If you want to try and keep colon cancer away, try to be healthier. Sure, screening is wise to make sure you don't have it, or catch it early on, but you can also help to stave off bowel cancer by making sure your body is healthier and can stand up to illness. A couple of simple ways to do this are something you have likely heard a number of times – eat healthier, get more exercise and generally take better care of your body. Bitcoin Accepted Here