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Get Rid of Constipation through Ayurveda Therapy

As constipation is growing increasingly rampant these days, numerous remedies and therapies are within constipated people’s arms reach. Along the lines of natural therapies which have been garnering loyal fans over the years is Ayurveda.

Perhaps the reason behind this is that Ayurveda is an all natural alternative therapy for the seemingly ubiquitous laxative treatment used to deal with constipation.

Ayurveda is a traditional system of healing based on both science and philosophy. It is widely used in India and Sri Lanka and Ayurveda has been found to effectively combat constipation along with other common illnesses.

Ayurveda is not just a healing system but a way of life: it meticulously details the many physical, emotional, spiritual and mental facets essential for health.

How Ayurveda Therapy Works to Battle Constipation

Because laxatives are over the counter drugs, it very easy for a person to abuse them without their knowledge. Laxative treatment is actually a very potent treatment for constipation but when abused, instead of relieving constipation, it actually enhances it.

Since laxatives have ingredients that makes most of its hardcore users lethargic and dependent on the laxatives. With Ayurveda, it doesn’t make its practitioners dependent on the system.

Instead, it just gives you the tools you need to fight constipation thereby making your system independently strong for you to have complete control over your bowel movements in the future.

Constipation and Ayurveda – A Review of Evidence

A study conducted in Kerala, India by the researchers of The Pain and Palliative Care Clinic proved that Ayurveda therapy with the aid of traditional Ayurvedic medicine can improve constipation.

The study specifications are as follows: the researchers compared the effects of two different remedies used for constipation to find out the level of laxative effect it has on people with constipation. One of the most common laxative tablets, Sofsena was pitted against Misrakasneham, a traditional Ayurvedic herbal remedy. The focus group: patients with opioid induced constipation and advanced cancer.

The verdict: Misrakasneham, the traditional Ayurvedic herbal remedy was to found be at the same level as Sofsena, the laxative tablet, in terms of laxative effect on the patients. So which do you prefer a very effective artificial drug notorious on having side effects or a natural remedy which helps you take on constipation without the side effects?

The most convincing part of the study though is that the focus group they used were people with constipation PLUS advanced cancer. Just imagine how complicated their condition is, what with all the medications they are taking and the cancer in their body, yet Ayurveda therapy worked on them.

Again, which remedy do you prefer?

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