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Discover the Secret on How Aloe Vera Eases Constipation

Statistics say that constipation is one of the most widespread grievances across America. The laxative industry is the one that is reaping the benefits from constipation: over hundreds of millions are being spent by people afflicted with constipation each year.

Though laxatives are highly potent and very effective for instant constipation relief, there is a catch. Studies have shown that being dependent on laxatives can aggravate constipation even more.

This is due to the fact that laxatives do all the work for you and when you’re not on laxatives; your bowels again become this stationary thing unable to pass out wastes on their own accord.

Aloe Vera as a Potent Constipation Remedy

The good thing is that more and more researchers are finding novel ways to treat constipation. They are going back to basics, back to when our ancestors had no knowledge of laxatives and used herbal medicines for a variety of illnesses.

Aloe vera is one such herb that is now being re-entered into the world of medicine not only for its effectiveness in treating constipation but for its other health benefits as well.

Aloe vera is mainly popular for its potency as relief for cuts, burns and other skin diseases. But it is now gaining more popularity since studies have shown that it can successfully prevent and ease constipation.

Strong scientific studies have concluded that the aloe vera’s potency comes from it leaves. The leaves of the aloe vera plant contain anthraquinone glycosides that have a laxative effect making it a top contender for constipation relief.

Understanding How Aloe Vera Works Against Constipation

The anthraquinone glycosides in aloe vera stimulate the bowel and colon by heightening bowel movement and contraction. It also has been found to have a softening or bulking effect on stools. Different parts of the aloe vera plant combats constipation in different ways.

If a person is afflicted with hypotonic constipation, licensed herbalists may prescribe the outer leaf of the aloe vera plant; the one containing the anthraquinone glycosides. When made into a “whole leaf” aloe vera juice or gel, it will ease constipation because of its laxative effect and by stimulating the colon and bowels to do their job.
If however, a person is afflicted with hypertonic constipation, a concoction of aloe vera juice or gel made from the inner leaf will do the trick. This part of the aloe vera plant eases constipation by providing more bulk to your stools.

For maximum constipation relief, licensed herbalists suggest that you take the aloe vera concoction on an empty stomach or before any meal.

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