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What To Do When Acute Constipation Problems Occur

Trouble with acute constipation problems typically does not arise very often but when they do it is very important that you seek relief immediately. These acute constipation symptoms tend to be more severe than those seen in short term bouts when you might have problems or pain when passing stool or go a few days in between normal bowel movements. However, when you cannot evacuate stool for more than 3 or 4 days, constipation problems tend to become more severe and it is time to take more drastic action.

There is no immediate need for alarm when minor constipation symptoms last for a few days but it may be time for your health care professional to be consulted if symptoms do not disappear within a reasonable amount of time or when problems become more severe. This happens mostly because when your body cannot evacuate waste, the bacteria and toxins within your stool begin to accumulate and may be absorbed into the bloodstream. Should the constipation problems persist, then the body will continue to accumulate waste.

Contained within all human feces are harmful toxins and bacteria which are normally disposed of during a bowel movement. However, when these bacteria and toxins accumulate in the colon due to constipation, then they can disrupt the entire system. In time, the bacteria and toxins will enter the bloodstream where they can then spread to other organs and systems in the body and cause further problems.

In cases of chronic or acute constipation, symptoms tend to intensify and may include:

. Severe Abdominal Pain
. Lower Back Pain
. Nausea
. Vomiting
. Bloody Stool
. Several Days without bowel movement
. Severe pain when passing stool
. Appearance of white, milky discharge when having bowel movement

There are bowel cleansing products that will certainly help with constipation problems but not entirely flush the colon and intestines. Plus, some colon cleaning products are actually made with harsh chemicals and other synthetic ingredients. Those products made from chemicals are likely to cause dehydration and even more complications with constipation. In addition, the colon cleanser may very well kill off the harmful bacteria and remove the compacted feces-but it may also kill off the beneficial flora that help with digestion and prevent constipation problems from arising due to a slower digestive process. Actually, all natural colon cleansers that are also oxygenated tend to actually be the best products for eliminating constipation problems and removing accumulated waste.

If you are looking for some permanent solution to long term constipation, forget about it. While it would be great to think that maintaining the proper diet and exercise regimen would be enough to prevent further constipation problems from arising, these measure will only help prevent further waste from accumulating in the colon. Diet will not dissolve and remove the waste that has already concentrated in your colon and intestines.

Using a good bowel cleansing product is probably the best alternative where cleaning out the colon is concerned and one of the best ways to prevent acute constipation problems from returning.

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