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Your New Diet May Be Causing Constipation

Did you start a diet with the New Year? Was part of your New Year's resolution to lose some weight and get on a better diet schedule? Well, if you're losing weight fast and made a substantial change to your diet, you can be doing more than changing your body fat index. In many cases you can cause yourself constipation and end up looking for some way to cleanse colon waste that has gotten backed up in the system. This article is going to look into why your diet may be causing this problem and why a colon cleanse may be the best solution.

First let's understand why your body is having a problem in the first place. When you change your diet rapidly or begin a diet by fasting, you're confusing your body. It's used to a regular schedule and the diet that you've been eating. Dramatic changes to any of your habits can confuse it and cause it to work irregularly. In some cases this can lead to constipation as the body reacts inappropriately to food that needs to be turned into waste.

So once you have the problem of constipation, it's time to find a solution. You want something that's going to cleanse colon waste out and get you feeling better again. You're sick of feeling bloated and irritable. Well, the wisest solution is the colon cleanse.

A lot of people think laxatives are the way to go but the truth is that laxatives can build a dependency within your body. Soon, you may notice that if you don't take a laxative, you have immediate bouts of constipation again. On the other end of the spectrum is the colon cleanse. This is not done daily. Instead, it's a jumpstart cleaning method. It will help your body cleanse colon waste out as well as the waste that may be backed up through the intestines and get a clean slate to work with.

A colon cleanse can also make you feel better very quickly for two reasons. First, no matter what type of colon cleanse you use, you are getting waste out of your body. The longer waste sits in your body, the more it has a chance to break down and release toxic chemicals into your system, which can make you feel ill. By flushing the waste out, you'll be getting rid of these toxins and feeling better right away. Also, if you choose a colon cleanse that has a byproduct of oxygen, it will release oxygen into your body, which can give you a boost of energy and help heal any problems you have from the inside out.

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