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Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome Food Triggers And Constipation

Irritable bowel syndrome can be a nightmare for those who suffer with severe cases of it. For these people, even a small amount of certain foods can be enough to send their system into turmoil. They could have horrible constipation, cramping, fatigue and other pain on many occasions. Many of these people use methods like a colon cleanse to help cleanse colon waste out of their body and stop the constipation. While this is a cure for one of the symptoms, it is vital that you couple this up with identifying the food triggers that are causing the problem.

When people develop irritable bowel syndrome, their entire body's digestive operations seem to change. Foods that you used to be able to eat without a problem can now trigger an attack. So, how do you figure out what your problem foods are? Unfortunately, there's no easy answer to this. It's quite the game of trial and error. However, that doesn't mean you have to suffer completely through the process. By coupling up the trial and error process with a colon-cleansing regimen to cleanse colon waste that could cause constipation, you can help your body feel less pain as you discover what foods may be a problem.

So first, let's figure out what type of colon cleanse you're going to use to cure your constipation. Part of this may depend on where exactly your constipation occurs in the digestive system. For the most part, you probably don't have an answer to this question. So once again, it may be a trial and error game here. You see, for many people constipation occurs in the colon. This would explain why a colon cleanse is considered a solution. But for others it occurs further up in the digestive tract, making it necessary for something that does more than cleanse colon waste out of the body.

The good news is that there is a colon cleanse made for each of these eventualities. First, is what is referred to as a partial colon cleanse. In this particular type of colon cleanse, a tube is inserted in the anus. A liquid is pumped through the tube, which is used to flush any waste that maybe locked up in the colon out of the body. This is generally done in a doctor or practitioner's office. The other option in the colon cleanse is an oral supplement. This will actually work from your stomach through the intestines and out of the digestive tract. This is the one that does more than just cleanse colon waste out of the body, but any waste blocked up throughout the digestive system. This is often a more effective cure for constipation.

Once you have cured the constipation problem, it's time to begin your trial and error. With your body running smoothly, start ingesting the foods that you believe may be related to your irritable bowel syndrome attacks. It shouldn't take long for you to start to narrow down foods that are causing you pain and suffering then cutting them out of your diet.

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