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Women Are More In Need Of Constipation Relief

If you have constipation, you know how frustrating it can be. You can keep feeling like you have to go to the bathroom and end up sitting there for a little while, with nothing happening. Eventually when something does happen, it feels like it is because your body is going to explode from all the waste and it may be a painful event to clear it out.

If you are a woman, you are more likely to know all about this at some time in your life. Studies show that about 15 percent of people end up getting good at looking for constipation relief in their life, and about 2/3 of those are women. Studies have shown a couple of reasons for this.

The first reason that women are more likely to be the ones needing constipation relief is just nature. Every month women go through a complete menstrual cycle. This is the process the woman's body goes through that prepares her to drop and egg that can be fertilized so she can become pregnant. If the egg is not impregnated then the system goes through a cleansing process that flushes out the blood that was a part of the uterine wall to support a new life. This whole process in a woman's body is quite the roller coaster and there are a number of hormonal changes that take place. During the second part of this process the woman's body is producing high levels of progesterone. This hormone can lead to an increased chance of constipation.

The next reason women are more likely to need constipation relief relates to if that egg does in fact get fertilized. When a woman gets pregnant there are a number of changes in her body. One of these is that her digestion slows down. The reason for this is so the body can pull more nutrients out of the food that she is eating to allow nutrients to be taken in for both mother and baby. The longer food is in the digestive tract, the more of a chance it has to start to dry out. If the waste begins to dry out it can then start to slow down on it's own through the intestines and colon and get backed up in the system. This is when the woman will be looking for constipation relief.

While it is something many people don't like to talk about, being more open with your constipation issues is vital, especially for women who are more likely to develop this problem.

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