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Why Oxygen Colon Cleanses are Better than Other Colon Cleanses

If you have considered getting a colon cleanse for yourself, you may wonder what is the best way to do it. There are so many items out on the market these days how do you select the best one?

If you have an ear open to what health experts are saying you will start to notice that one type of colon cleansing method stands above many of the rest - oxygen colon cleansing.

How it Works

Oxygen colon cleansers are can come in either liquid, powder or capsule form and are ingested to clean out not just the colon, but the whole 25 feet of the intestinal tract.

Once they are ingested and get into the stomach, the chemicals in these colon cleanses work to clean the walls of the intestines and remove all the piled up waste that has become stuck in the system. It is said that the average person has somewhere between 10-20 pounds of excess waste in their intestines by the time they reach middle age. Even if you are on the low end of that scale, that is a lot of waste to be carrying around.

When you eat and process food you may think all that food is easily moved through your system and expelled in a bowel movement. You would be wrong. Not all of the food makes its way out. Many pieces catch in the walls of your intestines. They may also cause other pieces of food to get caught up in the system. Sitting there, in your warm body, those pieces of food start to break down and rot. This process causes the release of a number of toxins that can lead to a series of health problems.

It can start simple enough with a little constipation, some fatigue or maybe even a headache. But if left too long these toxins that are being released into your body can cause much larger problems including cardiovascular ailments and even cancer.

Therefore, there is no question it is important to have a colon cleanse to remove these caught up food items, and attached toxins, out of your system.

Why Oxygen Colon Cleansing is Better

When it comes to deciding to use an oxygen colon cleanse, it is important to take a look at the impact oxygen has on the body. Think about the air your breathe, the more oxygen in that air, the better you usually feel. Think of a time when you were in a city filled with smog, and the air was oxygen deprived. You likely felt tired and possibly even got a headache as your body was trying to get more oxygen.

In the same respect as oxygen-rich air makes you feel better when you breathe it, a chemical reaction in your intestines that releases oxygen to your body is going to give you a boost of energy. The body thrives in an oxygen rich environment. This is a way to give your body a little extra power against anything else that may be bothering it.

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