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Wedding Weight Loss and Constipation Relief

This is the time of year when many brides are counting down the days until they are going to walk down the aisle and doing a number of things to prepare for that fateful day. One of the most popular things brides will try to do leading up to this special event is to lose any extra pounds they have packed on over the years.

They want to look perfect in that wedding dress. After all the pictures that are taken on this day will be ones they look at forever.

Now compound this with the other thing that will be happening to a bride. She will be dealing with months of stress leading up to a wedding. Stress does a lot of things to people, but one thing it often does to women is cause them to gain weight and need constipation relief. Getting constipated can be in part what is leading to some of their weight gain. So I would make sense that constipation relief may be something that would be a good idea for them to know more about.

But what type to use? There are a lot of things on the market that claim to relieve constipation these days. If you go to the drug store you can find laxatives, but these may not be the godsend you think they are. Instead of relieving all of the symptoms permanently, they will just offer a temporary solution that your body becomes dependent on. For many people, they find that the more they use laxatives, the more dependent their body becomes and the more they need to use them.

Instead you may want to try a more thorough and natural solution like an oxygen colon cleanse.

An oxygen based colon cleanse usually comes in a capsule form. You will take a couple of the capsules in the morning and as they break apart in your stomach the power of oxygen is used to break down any waste that has clogged up in the path or on the walls of your digestive tract.

Not only does an oxygen-based colon cleanse offer constipation relief by removing all the waste that has accumulated in the system, but also has the byproduct of letting off oxygen. Oxygen is a natural energy booster, stress reliever and even can heal some of your ails, something that can be very helpful in those final days before a wedding.

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