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Understanding Slow Transit Constipation

Have you been told you have slow transit constipation? Do you even know what this is? It sounds like a traffic tie up, and essentially, that's what it is. Not everybody's digestive tract works at the same speed. Some people have a system that just naturally works slower than it should. Unfortunately this can cause ways to start to dry out and block up the system, leading to constipation. For these people, it's a necessity of life to know how to cleanse colon waste out of their body – often using a colon cleanse.

While you may eat the right diet, drink plenty of water and do all the other things you're told to, it's possible your body still just isn't keeping up with what you would like it to be doing. When it comes to the body's waste removal system, this could mean slow transit constipation. For many people, when they experience constipation, they take a laxative as a way to cleanse colon waste out of their system. This can work, but only if they are using it sparingly. You see, using laxatives regularly can cause the body to form a dependency on those laxatives. That means when you don't use them, the constipation will get worse. Instead you may want to look into a colon cleanse.

A colon cleanse is something you only do periodically but has a much better result than a single laxative use. You see, a laxative just loosens things up, pushing some waste through the system. It doesn't necessarily clean any stuck waist out, but helps some of the waste that's there move along. A colon cleanse on the other hand does just that – cleanse colon waste out of the body. Think of this as more of a flushing technique. Either through liquid or active ingredients, the body will literally be flushed clean of any waste that may have slowed down, stopped up or may even be stuck to the walls of your intestines or colon.

Before you begin a colon cleanse regimen, talk to your doctor. You should also be talking to your doctor about the fact that you have slow transit constipation. Together, you should be able to come up with a solution to cleanse colon waste out of your system at a regular interval. Even if they can't get your digestive system to work as it should naturally, with the doctor's help, you can probably come up with a colon cleanse solution that will limit how much you have to suffer from constipation.

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