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Understanding Constipation In Children

When it comes to constipation sufferers, there are a few groups of people who seem to need constipation relief more than others. One of these groups is children.

There are a number of reasons that children may be a little more susceptible to constipation and need more constipation relief than other people:


One of the very common reasons that children have constipation is because of their eating habits.

First, if a child has a choice they are going to eat sweets and fast foods over healthy foods most days of the week. These foods are low in fiber, which aids in keeping bowel movements softer.

Second, most children will ignore their meals if there is something more fun to do. Often, parents will allow this because they think it's great that their kids are playing and socializing. It's not great. Children need to get healthy meals on a regular schedule for their growing bodies.


If you have a very active child and they are always outside running around, you may think you're lucky that your kid isn't one of the overweight children sitting in front of a TV. But at the same time, your child may not be getting enough liquids in their system.

The body needs a lot of water and liquids every day just to operate. If your child is out running around all afternoon and sweating out more of the water in their body, they will need even more liquids to be replenished.

You should make sure your children take regular breaks to get a tall glass of water or juice during their playtime so they don't end up dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to harder stools and the need for serious constipation relief.


If you have a child that loves to run around outside and exercise, great! Unfortunately, most of today's kids live a more sedentary lifestyle. For them being active is creating a new character on a video game that will be out saving the world. This can cause more problems than weight gain in your child. It can also lead to constipation.

If your body is not getting enough exercise, your muscles get lazy and can think they don't need to be doing any work. This can impact the muscles in your digestive tract, which are the ones responsible for moving waste out of your body.

Ignoring Urges

There are a number of reasons children may ignore urges to go to the bathroom. Sometimes they are embarrassed to tell their friends they have to go. Other times they are just uncomfortable because they are not home and don’t want to go in a strange bathroom. Holding in the urge to go to the bathroom can teach the body to ignore those urges and lead to constipation.

Symptoms You Can Look For

Your child may not tell you they are having problems going to the bathroom. Sometimes they are embarrassed and don't understand the importance of letting you know they need constipation relief. But there are some signs you can watch for:

Cramping and pain in the stomach and abdomen
Stool remnants on their underwear
Your child not going to the bathroom regularly for three days or more

If you see any of these signs, it's time to talk to your child about constipation. Explain the importance of letting you know so you can fix the problem before it gets worse.

Once they tell you they are constipated, talk to their doctor to get a recommendation on a course of action for constipation relief.

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