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Travel Related Constipation

No matter your diet and exercise scheduled some people suffer a kind of constipation that has nothing to do with what they are eating or their medical condition. Instead, it has to do with traveling.

While few people really talk about it, a lot of people suffer from travel-related constipation. From the time they finish packing and head out the door to go on a trip until they return to the confines of their own home they suddenly have a change in their bowel habits that causes them to be on a quest for constipation relief.

Causes of Travel Related Constipation

Travel Stress

One of the first things that has travelers looking for a constipation remedy is travel stress. From dealing with tickets and travel delays to not knowing where to get your rental car and how to find your hotel in a new city, there are plenty of things related to traveling that can cause stress. For many people this stress causes their system to get completely out of whack. This can include constipation.

New Schedule

The next thing that leads to the search for a constipation cure while traveling is the change of schedule. Many people have a bowel movement schedule while they are at home and have a set time for everything they do. Traveling often messes up the schedule you have your body on. By ignoring the urge to go when you usually do, you can be backing your body up and causing a constipation problem.

Anxiety About Unfamiliar Territory

Some people just don't like being away from the comfort of home when it comes to having a bowel movement. They don't want to use public toilets for this activity and aren't even comfortable in the hotel room once they reach their destination.

Sometimes these people will ignore the urge to go until they get home from their trip. By that time they are often very backed up and have to enlist the aid of a constipation remedy.

What to Do

Many of these reactions are not intentional. You may want to be able to remove waste from your system but your body, or your mind, has decided against it. If you want to convince your body that it should continue to run as usual, there are a few things you can do to push the process along.

Increase Fiber

Before you go and during your trip make sure to keep your fiber intake high. Order whole grain foods and take a fiber supplement.

Increase Liquid Intake

Make sure your body has enough water in it to flush waste through the system. If you can, carry a bottle of water and sip on it all day.

After You Return

Watch Your Bowel Movements

For some people as soon as they return home, and are in the comforts of their own bathroom, everything is quickly back to normal. If so, this is great. If not, you need to do what you can to find constipation relief and get your body back on track.

Colon Cleanse

If you are having a tough time finding a simple constipation cure, you may want to try a stronger cure like a colon cleanse that will clean all the backed up material out and let you start anew.

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