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Tips to Cure Constipation

Does it seem like you have always been in a struggle to battle constipation? If you are always on the back and forth ride of being regular and constipated, there may be some ways you can finally find constipation relief once and for all.


You should begin your path to curing constipation by noticing what you are putting into your body. It may well be that the things you are taking in are your problem. As you look over a day's meal how much fiber are you seeing? Are there a lot of fruits and vegetables? Or are you overloading on fats, dairy and sugary starches?

Part one to curing constipation for good is to make sure you are putting foods in your body that your body can easily handle and move through your digestive system.

Start by putting more fiber into your diet. This means you should up the servings of fruit and vegetables you eat on a daily basis. Fruits and vegetables are filled with fiber that acts as a colon cleanser and moves through your system smoothly becoming a natural constipation relief solution.

Another way to add more fiber and remove some of the less useful foods you are eating is to consider more whole wheat and bran products. Bran and whole wheat are both high fiber items that can help keep your bowel movements regular.


Your body is a machine that essentially runs on water. You need to make sure you are taking good care of this machine by taking in enough liquids on a daily basis. Generally, you should try to drink 1-2 quarts of water and liquids every day to offer your body the liquid it needs to stay operational.

While most people think liquids are liquids, you should keep in mind that if you drink a lot of milk, you might end up constipated again. Milk is a fatty dairy item and may well cause your problem to get worse instead of better. Instead it's best to stick with water and juices for constipation relief.

The only exception to the 1-2 quarts of water a day rule would come if you have any heart, blood or kidney problems. In these cases, you need to talk to your doctor to see if this plan of action is safe for your body.

Follow the Urge

Often we make a mistake of ignoring our bodies when they are ready to remove waste and are countering any constipation relief methods we have been trying. It could be that the timing is bad and that you want your body to wait a little longer then you will take a trip to the bathroom. This is not a good message to be sending to your body. If at all possible, when your body lets you know it's time for a bowel movement, you should head immediately to the bathroom and let it happen.

Just like anything else in life, your body can be trained for habits. Unfortunately in this case, it’s a bad habit. The more you try to teach your body is to 'hold off' on a bowel movement, the more it will. Eventually, this will lead to a back up in the system and constipation.

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