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Thorough Colon Cleansing Options

When many people feel bloated or constipated they turn to what they consider a tried and true method to take care of the problem – an enema.

When these same people hear about the benefits of colon cleansing, they think about the enemas they have used and think they are essentially doing the same thing, so they are getting the same benefits. That is not the case.

While an enema may feel like it's the same thing, the truth is that an enema is just a partial colon cleanse. As an enema puts liquid into the body to flush out the colon, it only goes so far. It usually clears out the lower portion of the colon, and while it may do a good job there, there is still plenty of colon and intestines that are not getting any of the benefits of this method of colon cleansing.

The next thing many people consider is hydrotherapy. This may be called a colonic. This is where you go to a professional and have something similar to an enema done. While this process may clean out a little more of your colon, it still is not going to clean out the whole intestinal tract. In addition, for this you have to go to someone's office and sit in a prone, and often uncomfortable, position throughout the process.

Full Colon Cleansing

If you really want to do the job right you need a colon cleansing solution that makes it's way through your whole GI tract. In order for this to take place, this type of colon cleansing must be ingested and work it's way through the digestive system.

Herbal Colon Cleansing – One type of complete colon cleansing solution is an herbal colon cleanse. In this colon cleansing, herbal combinations are called in to get the job done. While there are many herbs out there that are known to have positive medical effects, there are also some with less then positive effects. Unfortunately, some manufacturers will use cheaper herbs that are not healthy and could actually be dangerous, in their colon cleansing solutions. You should look carefully at the ingredients used and learn about the herbs and the good, or bad, effects that they could have on your body.

Oxygen Based Colon Cleanses – Another type of colon cleanse uses oxygen as the main ingredient to get the job done. While you may not think the oxygen you breathe will be too helpful, it is. When the cleanse gets into your intestines it oxidizes to the waste that has accumulated. This process breaks it down and makes it move through the intestines so it can be easily eliminated in a bowel movement. Many claim there is another positive side effect to having an oxygen based colon cleanse done, the healing effects of oxygen. Oxygen is often used in wound care and in helping the body work to heal itself, as well as a way to get an energy boost. Many say the absorption of oxygen into the body as a result of this type of colon cleanse gives them more energy and makes them feel better more quickly.

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