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The Two Types of Constipation

When you are feeling bloated and looking for constipation relief, you likely are not too worried about the type of constipation you may have. Instead, your focus may be on the fact that you have constipation and that you are looking for a constipation cure.

But understanding what kind of constipation you have may be able to help you determine what kind of constipation remedy may work for your situation.

For the most part there are two types of constipation – Idiopathic and Functional.

When it comes to figuring out a constipation remedy, idiopathic constipation is the worst kind to have. This is constipation that there is no known reason for. That means it can't necessarily be treated by a regular constipation cure.

On the other hand, functional constipation is a kind that many constipation relief programs will work for.

Finding a constipation remedy often is helped by knowing the cause of the constipation that you are suffering. For the most part, many functional constipation cases are caused by lifestyle problems or a bad diet.

If you are eating a high fat and low fiber diet, with lots of fast foods and processed foods, your diet may be the cause of your constipation. In this case your easy solution is to change your diet to one that is higher in fiber and healthier for your body and digestive system.

Another type of functional constipation is related to the muscles in the colon. Often the person who is suffering this type of constipation has a syndrome that impacts the working of the colon. These may be able to be treated by medical procedure or medication.

One more cause of constipation relates to the pelvic muscles and their weakness. These muscles are connected to the area of the rectum and anus and interrupt the regular schedule of bowel movements. Ailments such as anorectal dysfunction keep the anal muscles from being able to relax, which leads to a back up in the digestive tract.

What to Do

No matter what type of constipation you have, you may want to try some basic constipation relief remedies. The first thing you should do is try to clear out any blockages in the system. The most effective way to do this is with a colon cleanse. A colon cleanse will completely flush out the colon and remove any backed up waste that is stuck in your body.

Next, you need to put yourself on a high fiber diet. The high fiber content will help waste move out of your body smoothly all the time. The fiber almost acts as a transport for waste, cleaning out the colon as it goes through the system.

In addition, you should take better care of your body, and better your diet to help your body more easily process the things you eat. You should also make sure to drink a lot of water, as keeping your body hydrated is vital to being able to easily move waste out of your system.

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