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The Link Between Hypothyroidism and Constipation

Many people have heard of hypothyroidism but don’t really know just what it is.

The short answer to this is that when the thyroid is under active it is hypothyroidism. The thyroid is a gland that is located in the neck. Its job is to keep putting out hormones that relate to metabolism and many of the day to day organ functions. If your thyroid is under active and you are suffering from hypothyroidism you may note symptoms such as being tired, depressed, constipation and seeing weight gain.

The reason you can have constipation as a side effect of hypothyroidism is because of the fact that the under active thyroid is not able to keep the digestive process going as well as it should be. The slower the digestive process goes the more chance there is that the items that are in the digestive tract will start to dry out and become harder to move through. Eventually the waste may stop moving.

When you have constipation because of hypothyroidism, it can lead to even deeper feelings of depression and fatigue, as these are some of the side effects of constipation. To understand why that happens you need to understand how constipation works. When your body becomes constipated it means that the waste that is left from foods that you eat is not able to move out of your body. Pieces of waste are getting stuck in your digestive tract and they are starting to rot.

Just like food that is left in the garbage can will begin to rot after a few days, so will the food that is in your body. That is why the body tries to process what it needs and get rid of the waste quickly. If it can't, and you suffer from constipation, that rotting will begin happening in your system instead. That means toxins given off during the rotting process are also stuck inside your body and can seep through the walls of your digestive tract and into your blood stream.

So, what do you do to stop these things from happening? First, don't feel like you are alone. There are over 27 million people suffering with hypothyroidism right now. Next, you need to talk to a doctor about your hypothyroidism. A doctor can help you work on that aspect of the problem. But what about the doubling effect of the constipation? Well that you can take into your own hands and cure. You need to have a colon cleanse.

In this case you want a complete colon cleanse which means a cleanse that is taken orally and clears out the entire digestive tract. This will make sure you get all of the waste out of your system to give it a chance to run smoothly again. Additionally, you should look for an oxygen colon cleanse. The reason you want to choose this style of colon cleanse is because the byproduct of the cleanse is oxygen released into your body. Oxygen is a healer to the body as well as a way to get a boost of energy to help you feel healthy more quickly.

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