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The Importance of Keeping Constipation at Bay After Surgery

If you have had any sort of surgery or medical procedure you know that afterwards your body is very sensitive to movement and you likely have a list of doctors orders of how to best take care of your body post procedure. What you may not realize is that something that you don't think about, constipation, could be causing you strain that is against your doctor's orders.

Being post surgery is often a tough time for people. First, if you are used to being active, you are suddenly being told that you are supposed to be sedentary. Now add to this that one of the side effects of being too sedentary can be constipation and you're going to have a problem.

While you may think constipation is not a big deal, you need to understand the negative effects this can have on your surgery site.

Generally having a surgery site means you are going to have stitches and tissue that needs to be left as still as possible so it can heal most effectively. Now think about how your body reacts when you are constipated and trying to get the waste out of your body. There is often a lot of pushing and strain involved. If your surgery site is anywhere near where that pushing and straining is, (chest, abdomen, etc) you are going to be pushing and pulling on the skin and muscles around the site of your surgery.

This can have major adverse effects on your body. At the least it will cause you twinges of pain as the surgery site is disturbed. It is also possible this will do damage to the site. After all, when you feel pain it is because your body is letting you know there is something bad happening in the area. If you are pushing and straining a lot you can stretch and strain the surgery site or even worse, rip it open. This could happen either internally or externally, so you may not even know it is happening.

So, with this threat looming, what do you do to prevent this from happening? Stop the constipation from happening. An easy way to do this is with a thorough colon cleaning. A colon cleanse that is thorough is usually taken orally. That means it works from your stomach on through the entire digestive tract. This is the most effective form of colon cleansing.

Next, you need to consider what type of complete colon cleansing you want to have. The smartest would be an oxygen based colon cleanse. The way an oxygen based colon cleanse works is that as it breaks down the waste that is backed up in your system it also releases oxygen. Oxygen is a great healing agent (it gives life!) for your body so it will not only help clear out the waste that needs to be removed, but also give your body an extra hand in healing itself, which is going to be vital as you are recovering from surgery.

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