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The Healing Powers of Oxygen and Oxygen Colon Cleansing

Other than the fact that you need it to breathe, what do you really know about oxygen? Most people realize oxygen is a very important gas element that we need to stay alive. But it's not just using it to breathe that makes oxygen important. In addition to this main function, oxygen is also a healing agent.

Many doctors use oxygen as a part of healing therapy for patients. In the case of many patients with wounds that won't heal (often diabetics are prone to this ailment) they may be sent to a hyperbaric chamber. This is an airtight room where they will be able to lie down or sit as the regular air mixture is pumped out and the room is filled with high concentrations of oxygen.

It has been found that the oxygen rich environment can handily speed up the process of healing wounds, externally or internally as it is absorbed into the tissues of the body after being breathed into the lungs.

More and more athletes are using oxygen on a regular basis. Athletes are prone to injuries as they are always pushing their bodies to the limits. When they strain or sprain various parts of their body, many doctors are seeing them put into hyperbaric chambers to help speed up the healing time from the injury and allow the player to get back onto the field sooner.

Tired regularly? Oxygen can help that too. For those who suffer with chronic fatigue syndrome or are regularly tired for any number of reasons, it has been found that an oxygen-rich environment can help them get a boost of energy and generally feel better.

The knowledge that oxygen could be used in such a manner has spread beyond those who need a hyperbaric chamber and into other areas of health care. One of these is through oxygen colon cleanses.

The colon is a place where all sorts of things are clogging up the works of your digestive tract.

When you have a meal, there are always going to be a few pieces of each meal that get stuck somewhere in the wall of your intestines or colon, instead of being removed from your body through a bowel movement.

Those pieces of stuck waste are going to start to break down and can give off toxins, which are damaging to your body.

So you need to do two things. First, get rid of the toxins and second help your body heal from any damage done. This is what an oxygen colon cleanse will do.

The first part of the process in an oxygen colon cleanse is to remove all the waste that has gathered inside your intestines. This is the vital part of the job – getting rid of the old waste to keep it from releasing more toxins.

The second part, which only oxygen colon cleanses can offer, is to release oxygen into your intestines and colon. This oxygen is absorbed by the tissues in the area and can be used to help the body get a boost of energy and even heal itself.

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