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The Facts Behind an Oxygen Colon Cleanse

Hemorrhoids, constipation and other digestive ailments are increasing worldwide. In the US alone, millions of people have any of a number of digestive illnesses and don't realize that a simple process can help them stop the suffering.

Treating the Symptoms, Not the Problem

Unfortunately most people who have one of these ailments get something for the symptoms. So, for example, if someone has constipation they may purchase a laxative to relieve the problem. If someone has hemorrhoids they may get a cream to treat the discomfort from the sores.

While they may have treated the ailment's symptoms, they are not doing anything to stop the problem from coming back time and time again. Instead, they have to stop treating the symptoms and start treating the deeper problem, their under appreciated colon.

Colon Cleansing

The way to get to the source of the problem is often colon cleansing.

Think about the work you ask your digestive system to do on a regular basis. Once foods get into your system your body has to break them down, get the nutrients out of them, and then figure out what to do with all the left over debris. There is a lot of that left over debris, as only about 10% of what we eat is really useful to our bodies.

So, your body has 90% of what you eat to get rid of in the form of waste. Chunks of this waste are moved through your small and large intestines and into the colon to be prepared to be expelled from the body in a bowel movement.

While you would like to think that this process is flawless, that is not the case. Some of those pieces of waste that should leave the body break off of in chunks and instead get stuck to the wall of your intestines and colon. They keep packing up and then start to rot inside your body. This rotting process releases toxins that then get sucked into your body and can lead to many of the ailments you are feeling. Additionally, the more compaction there is in the walls of your colon, the harder it is for future bowel movements to make their way through your system, which could lead to constipation.

By having a regular colon cleansing you can remove those initial pieces of compacted waste and stop the chain reaction of bad things from happening inside your body.

Oxygen colon cleanses have come to the forefront in recent years. An oxygen colon cleanse uses natural chemical reactions to create oxygen inside the intestines. This oxygen breaks down the compacted waste on the walls of the intestines and flushes them out of the system.

Additionally, an oxygen colon cleanse will leave something behind, oxygen. Oxygen has major healing properties in the body. It can help to stimulate the healthy growth of tissue in the intestines as well as be absorbed into the rest of the body and help to heal wounds and give you a burst of energy.

This oxygen also is a way to get a lot of parasites out of your body. While some parasites are necessary in all of our bodies, sometimes those parasites get out of hand and start doing more problems than good. An oxygen colon cleanse will remove many of these parasites, as they don't do as well in an oxygen rich environment, and get your body back to normal.

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