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The Dangers of Constipation and Using Colon Cleansing to Cure It

Do you have bouts of constipation from time to time? While most people don't talk about it, they do. Every now and then, either through just fluke of nature, or something you ate, things get stopped up in the system or you have a tough time flushing them out.

While periodic constipation may not be a problem, if it becomes a more common thing, it may turn into something very bad.

Chronic constipation is when being constipated is more frequent and not just something that happens after having too rich of a meal. This in itself is a detriment to your body. You should consider that constipation means that the waste products that are trying to get out of your body are instead getting stuck in the system longer than they are supposed to be.

This is much more than a backup of cargo. That waste is digested food items that are starting to decompose and need to be removed from your system. If they are not removed in a timely manner they can start to break down and give off toxins that can leech into your system and be responsible for a number of other ailments.

The more this is allowed to happen, the more of this waste starts to get stuck to the inside walls of your colon and give off more toxins. As more waste slowly slogs through the system, it adds to the problem until your intestines are essentially a toxic waste site that is damaging your body.

If left unchecked this can go beyond just a case of chronic constipation and become Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is a condition where your sick colon is known to cramp, and bloat and can be very uncomfortable. Too much waste in your system can lead to colon stricture, where literally your colon becomes so blocked up that no waste can pass through or fecal compaction where pounds and pounds of rotting matter are stuck inside your intestines and can't get out. Other medical conditions that can come from constant constipation are diverticulosis and diverticulitis, which are where there are pouches in your colon, which become infected and can lead to bloody, painful bowel movements that could land you in the hospital.

How do you solve the problem? Clean your colon. A clean colon will have few, if any, of the constipation traits that end up leading to these more serious ailments. All it takes is a good colon cleanse.

Colon cleansing can come in a few forms. If you have a very bad case of chronic constipation you may have to double some of these up for best results.

Anally – the first colon cleansing options are through solutions inserted with a tube into your anus. These colon cleanse solutions break up the compacted waste in your lower colon and flush it out of your system.

Orally – For a more thorough flushing of your system you may want to try an oral colon cleanse solution. This type of colon cleanse may be in a drink or capsule format and will work through and clean your entire digestive tract.

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