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The Antacid Constipation Connection

It seems every day something you've eaten doesn't agree with you and you're heading back to the medicine cabinet to get in an antacid. Well, believe it or not if calcium or aluminum is some of the ingredients in your antacid it may be doing more than just fixing you not so fun reaction to what you've eaten. It may be causing problems further down in your digestive system – constipation. With a regular antacid regimen and you may find yourself in desperate need of a way to cleanse colon waste out of your system so you can feel regular again.

Of course, one way to lessen the constipation you get from taking antacids is to take fewer antacids. But not all people have that option to work with. If that's not an option for you and your situation, you need to instead figure out a way to cleanse colon waste out when it gets out of hand. One way to do this is the colon cleanse. A colon cleanse is just what it sounds like. It is a process to clean out the colon. You see, over time a lot of waste can become attached to colon. Initially it may just be small pieces of waste that get stuck to the wall of the intestines or colon here and there. Over time more pieces will add to the mess until eventually you have a blockage.

Getting rid of colon blockage requires a way to cleanse colon waste out and get things running normally again. Depending on the type of constipation you have, one of these solutions may be better than the other. The first option is an oral supplement. It's a capsule or pill you can take usually over the course of 3 to 5 days that will work with your body to flush any backed up waste out. This is the better option for those kinds of people that like to keep these types of things private and like to be able to come up with their own solutions for problems without needing a visit to the doctor.

The other way you can cleanse waste out of your colon is with an anal colon cleanse. In this case you will need to go to the office of a doctor or other form of medical practitioner that does this procedure. What will happen is a tube will be put into your anus and a liquid solution will be used to flush any waste off of the walls of the colon and back out of your body.

When it comes to choosing which Colon cleanse you want to use to cure your constipation, part of this may be trial and error. You see, if the constipation is just in the colon, either method will work. But if it's further up in the digestive tract you will need the full colon cleanse that is taken orally to make sure all of that backed up waste has been cleaned out.

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