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Teaching Your Children Good Habits to Avoid Constipation

Many parents ignore what their children are eating until there is some sort of medical problem that makes them have to pay attention. This is unfortunate as many medical problems can be avoided by just teaching your child how to have a healthy diet in the first place.

A common digestive problem in children is constipation. If left untreated it can lead to a number of other more serious digestive and system-wide problems.

Instead of ignoring your child's diet until there is a problem and then looking for constipation relief until it happens the next time, it is a better course of action to teach your child healthy eating habits from the beginning.

Eating Fiber

One of the easiest constipation remedy options is to have enough fiber in your diet that your body has no problem moving food through at a good pace without any backup in the system.

Unfortunately, most of the foods we give our children these days are very low in fiber and filled instead with sugars and processed flour. These foods are a constipation causer that will send you in search of a constipation cure.

As a parent is it your responsibility to teach your child the right kinds of foods to eat from the beginning. A child that is accustomed to a high fiber diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will not realize there is another way to eat and will enjoy that lifestyle, creating their own constipation relief program through their diet.


Children have a strong tendency to become dehydrated, especially those who have an active lifestyle. Children don't always pay attention to their body when it tells them it is time to take a drink. This is compounded when they are out playing and don't want to come in for a drink.

This can lead to dehydration, which may dry things up in their digestive system. Too much of this and you will be once again on the hunt for a constipation cure.

Make sure your child takes regular breaks from playing to hydrate. It is best if you choose water or fruit juices for this over carbonated drinks that are not as healthy.


Another cause of constipation is a sedentary lifestyle. Many children today come home from school to sit in their living room and play video games. Sitting prone all day is not healthy for a growing body.

The less active your body gets, the lazier your whole body gets, inside and out. Too much of this can even slow the digestive system, leading to constipation. Once again you will end up on the hunt for some sort of constipation remedy.

In this case, the best constipation relief is getting your child moving. The more active the body is, the more energy is coursing through the entire system, getting it running back at normal and removing waste in a timely manner.

Lead by Example

When it comes to kids, the best way to teach them how to have the right kind of diet that will also be a constipation cure is to live that diet yourself. Children do watch their parents and emulate them. If you are eating healthy and exercising, your child will want to be like you and develop the same healthy habits.

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