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Teaching A Child the Signs of Constipation

Childhood constipation is a bigger problem than many parents realize. Part of the reason is that children are often not as talkative about what is happening to their body is out of concern of embarrassment.

As soon as children are old enough to sort out how to take care of their bathroom time by themselves, they tend to want to be left alone to take care of things. This is a time where they can be proud they are growing up and able to be a 'big kid'.

At the same time, they may not realize that they are having a problem with constipation because they don't understand what constipation is.

You should have a talk with your child about this problem and when they need to come to you for constipation relief.

It's Hard to Go

The first sign you should teach your child to look for is when they find it very hard to make a bowel movement. They should be able to poop relatively easily. If they are having to strain and push a lot to get it out, they need to come to you so you can find a constipation remedy.

It's Hard When It Comes Out

Good poop is soft. If your child goes and notices that the poop that has come out looks more like rocks or hard pellets, this is a sign that they are constipated and are not moving waste out of their body as quickly as they should be. This is another time when they should come to you to help them find a constipation cure.

Cramping Pains

Another sign a child is suffering with constipation is that they have cramping pains in their belly. Many parents think they just have an upset or nervous stomach. But this kind of ache could be a sign that your child needs a constipation remedy not something for nausea.

Feeling Full All The Time

If your child is constipated, he or she may notice that their belly is always feeling full. You may even notice that their stomach is tight to the touch. This could be a sign of a serious constipation problem. You need to get to a doctor to get a constipation cure.

Leaking Poop Into Underpants

One sign you can look for as a parent is in the laundry bin. If there is some poop that has leaked into your child's underwear, that is a sign there could be a problem and that your child may need constipation relief.

Constipation Relief

Once you know your child has a constipation problem, it's time to work to solve it. Here are three quick-start methods to make a difference.

Fiber – Adding fiber to your child's diet will aid in the digestive process and make waste move through more easily.

Liquid – Make sure your child is drinking enough water and juice to keep themselves well hydrated so their body can flush the waste out.

Exercise – Exercise is a great way to get the body muscles working as they should be, which also can help the body move waste through the system.

If your child is suffering from severe constipation you may need to set up an appointment with a doctor to find a more effective constipation cure.

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