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Stress Relief = Constipation Relief

When it comes to the causes of constipation and the need to be finding constipation relief a lot of people think there are some general things that causes constipation in everyone. These are often diet, lack of exercise, hormone changes or medication. But there is something else that can cause you to have to deal with constipation more than you should – stress.

The misconception is that a lot of these other things lead to stress, such as constipation. A lot of people think the way the process works is that you get constipated then you get stressed out because you are constipated. But the truth is that the stress you are feeling relating to everything else in your life may actually be the cause of you searching for constipation relief.

What can you do?

Well you need to reduce the stress that you're dealing with. There are a number of ways to do this.


While you may think exercise is something that's more painful to do or that you have to do to keep in shape, it actually is a great way to relieve stress from the body. Our bodies were created to be active and be in motion. By exercising, you're allowing the body to move, get the blood flowing, and in the long run you will even relieve some of the stress you might've been feeling just before you exercised.

One of the most popular exercises for relieving stress is yoga. Yoga is an exercise regimen that relates to stretching and balance of the body. Being focused while taking on this type of exercise schedule can help clear your mind of all the other things that may be bothering you and can help to relieve stress.


Another thing a lot of people do to relieve stress is practice meditation. Meditation is pretty much just trying to clear your mind of all the things that are making a mess inside. By being able to clear all of those worries and problems out, a lot of stress can be relieved from the body.

Peaceful Activities

The final way to relieve stress is just to take part in peaceful activities that make you happy. It could be watching a good movie, reading a book, going bowling or anything else that really makes you relax and have a little bit of fun. Believe it or not, having some fun and just giving yourself a little bit of peace from time to time can be a great form of constipation relief.

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