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Starting A Constipation Relief Diet– Take Your Time

If you had a long period of your life where you regularly struggled with needing constipation relief, when someone finally gives you a path to that relief, you may jump on it full force. Well, if you do that with changing your diet to be more constipation relief friendly, you may not like the consequences.

The first thing you need to understand when it comes to your diet, is that any drastic change in your diet, even if it's all meant to be for the better, can have negative effects on your body. Your body gets used to what you put in it day after day, even if it's bad stuff. If you make a dramatic change to your system when it comes to food intake, it may give you a dramatic response in return. A number of people end up losing their gall bladders because the body was so shocked by a dramatic change in diet.

So instead, as you begin a constipation relief diet, take it slow. Here's some advice.

One Fiber At A Time

You should follow a one fiber at a time program. What this means is that chances are your constipation relief diet is going to include a lot of fiber being added to your diet. A high fiber diet can help you maintain regularity in your bowel movements. However, instead of turning all of your meals into complete high-fiber meals overnight, you should start a process of changing one thing at a time.

If you usually have soup, salad and bread for lunch, trade out that piece of white bread for a piece of whole grain bread. You are upping your fiber content, but not doing anything too dramatic to your body. Or, instead of two cups of coffee for breakfast, perhaps you can have one cup of coffee and one cup of fruit juice, such as prune or apple; they can help your body process waste more easily. You can also trade out one of your starchy sides at dinner for something that's higher in fiber like a brown rice, quinoa or in extra vegetable.

After you've adjusted to a slight fiber increase, keep it up. Trade out one more item in each meal for something that's a higher fiber diet item. As long as you do this gradually, your body will be able to appreciate the new fiber coming in, as well as the nutrients that go with it, without reacting with any ill effects.

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