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Sensitivities And Constipation

For many people who are suffering with constipation, the cause is insensitivity to a food they are eating. Many people don't even realize what's causing the problem and keep making it worse by eating that same food. If you think this could be you, there is a multi-step approach to find relief. Part of it is narrowing down what food it is that you have an insensitivity to. The other part is figuring out how to do an effective colon cleanse that will cleanse colon waste out of your body while you sort out your food issues.

One thing you want to do is give your body a clean slate to work with as you try to figure out what food insensitivity is affecting you. One way you may want to do this is with a colon cleansing. The best method is to use an oral colon cleanse that will make sure to clean out your entire digestive system of any waste material that may be backed up. Once you cleanse colon waste out, and have a clean running system, you can more easily assess what foods you are consuming are doing to your body.

Now it's time to figure out which foods are causing your problem.

To do this you're going to need to keep a diary. First jot down when you have the colon cleanse. After all, you want to know when you were able to cleanse colon waste out and start fresh. Now you need to take note of every meal you have and everything you eat. Pay attention to how your body reacts. Make note of the first time you have constipation.

Once you've started to experience constipation, you can now move backwards on the timeline of what you've eaten and see what some of the culprits may be. By periodically cutting some of these foods out of your diet, you can see whether or not the constipation continues or subsides. If the constipation goes away after you restrict foods from your diet, chances are those are some of the foods you've developed insensitivity to. This process is not always a quick one as we often eat a number of things combined in each and every meal. So, it is possible that you need more than one colon cleanse and a lot of patience to sort it all out.

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