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Rhett Syndrome and Constipation – Treating the Symptom

When it comes to Rhett Syndrome, there is no cure. That is just a cold, hard fact. However, that does not mean that a person suffering with Rhett Syndrome has to suffer with all of the symptoms that it causes. Rhett Syndrome and constipation are often considered to be an automatic pairing. That is because this is one symptom of the disorder that many sufferers have to deal with, sometimes severe cases.

So, while you can not stop a neurological disorder that is causing the constipation, what can you do to help lessen the pain and frustration that goes with constipation. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do to treat constipation.


One of the first things people think about when it comes to constipation is to purchase a laxative to make it go away. Unfortunately, what they do not realize is that laxatives can have the exact opposite effect over time. You see, while a laxative may work the first time you use it, it is pulling a lot of water out of your body in order to make the waste move through. The next time you eat food you will have less hydration of your own to process it through the body. This may lead to a more intense bout of constipation. At this point, someone usually takes another laxative. And the cycle can continue until even the laxatives are not enough to help cure the constipation.

Diet and Water

Two ways to help lessen the impact of constipation are to make sure that you are wise about what you're taking in in diet and that you are taking in enough water. When it comes to diet you should look at a high fiber diet that will more easily move through the body and is less likely to get caught up in constipation. Additionally, the body uses a lot of water to process food and move waste out of the system. Make sure it has enough by drinking a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water every day.

Colon Cleanse

If you already are dealing with a bout of constipation that is quite severe, you may want to get a jumpstart to be able to deal with it. One way to do this is with a colon cleanse. A colon cleanse is a very effective way to battle the Rhett Syndrome and constipation effect. While it may not stop it completely, it will at least help clear up all the waste that has been blocked up to this point and give you a clean digestive track to start with and hopefully keep future bouts from being too severe.

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