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Rhett Syndrome and Constipation – Keeping It From Getting Worse

In the ongoing battle against Rhett Syndrome and constipation, you're probably always looking for a solution. Those who are suffering from Rhett Syndrome and constipation can be regularly frustrated not only with the effects of the Rhett Syndrome but also the pain and irritation that goes with the constipation aspect of this ailment.

What many people don't realize is there are some things that they are doing every day that could be making the Rhett Syndrome and constipation effect much worse. It could be in simple foods that are being ingested that are making the body more prone to constipation. In this article were going to take a look at some of the danger foods that can make constipation worse.

White Bread

Any time you pick up a burger, or even grab a loaf of bread at the store, chances are you're eating white bread. This is bread that's been processed, refined and even bleached to make it that nice pretty white color. At the same time, all of the nutrients and fiber that would've been in the original grains of the bread, before all that processing, are gone. Essentially, what you're ingesting is a gooey mess that's going to turn into sugars in your body. It's also very prone to getting stuck to the digestive tract. This can be the starting point for constipation.

Instead of white bread, try to switch the breads in your diet to whole grains that have more fiber, and are healthier for your body to digest and move through the digestive tract.


Every time you have an Italian meal chances are you're encouraging the negative effects of Rhett Syndrome and constipation. You see, most pastas that people cook are bleached, processed and refined. This is just like the white bread above. Instead of offering nutrients and health benefits to your body, these pastas are instead going to become more to start sticking in the digestive tract.

There are a number of alternatives to white pasta on the market. And you can consider whole-grain pasta or quinoa instead. You can even try vegetables such as zucchini and some squash that make great replacements for pasta with sauce.


Everyone thinks vegetables are healthy and the more vegetables in their diet do better. This is not the case when it comes to potatoes. White potatoes are just as starchy as the white bread and white pasta that we've been warning you about.

So, it's time to trade those white potatoes out for something else. If you just have to have a baked potato, try a sweet potato that's packed with nutrients and not as much starch.

While there may be no cure to Rhett Syndrome and constipation that comes with it, there are ways to lessen the impact of these two ailments. Some of them are by changing out danger foods in your diet that you didn't even realize you were eating.

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