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Rhett Syndrome and Constipation – Choosing a Colon Cleanse

Rhett syndrome and constipation go hand-in-hand. This is something that can't be changed, as it's just a fact of life that constipation is the number one symptom of Rhett syndrome. But that doesn't mean any one has to live with constipation every day. There are some options out there to help reduce the symptom of constipation.

Colon Cleanses

What a colon cleanse is is literally a process of cleaning out the digestive tract. This can be done either anally or orally. The idea is to break down any waste that has gotten stuck anywhere along the digestive tract and remove it from the system. Its small pieces of waste that start to get trapped that end up trapping more and more pieces of waste until a constipation issue arises. So, the best way to avoid constipation in the first place is to keep the digestive tract clean and encourage easy flow of waste through the system.

When it comes to choosing the right type of colon cleanse for your body, there are a couple of options.

Partial Colon Cleanse

A partial colon cleanse is the type of colon cleanse that is done anally. A tube is put up the anus into the colon. Water or another solution is then pushed through this tube to flush out any waste that is stuck inside the colon. Generally, this type of colon cleanse can clean out only the lower portion of the colon.

Complete Colon Cleanse

The next option is a complete colon cleanse. This is the type of colon cleanse it is taken orally. Once it gets to the stomach and it begins working. This means the cleansing effects are felt through out the intestines as well as the colon and right out of the body. This is a more effective colon cleanse as it can get waste further up the digestive tract that a partial colon cleanse cannot reach.

Within a category of the complete colon cleanse are a couple of options as well. First, you can get a supplement that is specifically a colon cleanse. What this means is that it will just do the job of cleaning up the colon, which is what you're after.

The second type of colon cleanse may be one you will appreciate even more to deal with the Rhett Syndrome and constipation connection. This type of colon cleans produces oxygen as it works. Oxygen has a healing effect on the body. This means that in addition to getting the digestive track cleaned out, your body will get a boost of oxygen, which is healing energy that works from within.

Before anyone who is struggling with Rhett Syndrome and constipation takes a path to a colon cleanse, it is advisable to check with a health care professional. They can advise whether or not a colon cleanse is a preferred option and may also advise which colon cleanse would be best.

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