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Rhett Syndrome and Constipation Causes

When it comes to an ailment like Rhett Syndrome, most people think of the overall impact of the disorder. In this case, it's a neurological disorder that most people picture by things like a lack of coordination, speech disorders, mobility and other physical neurological limitations. But the truth is, this nerve disorder is causing a number of painful and frustrating issues on the inside as well as the outside of the body.

One of the most complained about internal side effects of Rhett Syndrome is constipation. For most sufferers, Rhett Syndrome and constipation go hand in hand. The reason being is that this disorder is not sending messages to the nerves inside the body as it should. That means the nerves that are in the intestines and colon that are supposed to trigger moving food and waste through the system are not responding as they should. This leads to waste being stuck in the system for much longer than it should. When this happens, the waste begins to dry out. The more it gets to dry out, the harder it becomes for the body to move it through. Couple this with the fact that the nerves don't want to do the job properly in the first place and Rhett Syndrome and constipation can become very painful.

So, what's the cure? Well, there isn't one. That's the bad news. Currently there is no cure for Rhett Syndrome.

The good news is that it is possible to keep Rhett Syndrome and constipation under some sort of control if you pay attention to what is happening in the body and treat it as soon as you can. So, as soon as the first bout of constipation comes on it's time to act. You may want to start by trying a laxative or fiber supplement to loosen the stool. But, for many people, the constipation can be quite severe because of the disorder. In these cases it's often best to use a colon cleansing method that will clear out all of that impacted waste and give the body a chance to do the job on its own again.

Once the digestive tract is good and cleaned out you can then move forward with a preventative plans such as high-fiber and more hydration in the diet to try and limit the chances of waste getting stuck in the system and drying out.

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