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Rhett Syndrome and Constipation Causes – Decreased Physical Activity

If you know someone with Rhett Syndrome, you probably have a pretty good idea of how this neurological disorder works.

When a baby is born with Rhett Syndrome, it is not always obvious, as they look like a normal baby. Over a short period of time the fact that something is wrong becomes more evident. The baby girl will grow more slowly than other babies of the same age. She will also develop more slowly. Physically, the most noticeable trait will be that she has a smaller head size than the other children. These are all the first warning signs that Rhett Syndrome may be there.

As someone grows with Rhett Syndrome they will develop to a certain level and then the disorder kicks in and reverses their neurological development. This may mean they have a series of speech disorders, physical mobility limitations, mental retardation, and coordination issues.

Unfortunately, Rhett Syndrome and constipation are also things that developed hand-in-hand. There are two reasons for this.


The first reason for Rhett Syndrome and constipation to be tied together is the fact that the neurological disorder can also affect the nerves in the digestive tract, causing it to work less effectively than it should.


The next link between Rhett Syndrome and constipation is depleted physical activity. A person with Rhett Syndrome often has mobility issues as well as coordination problems that make it less likely they are going to be very physically active, like other children of their same age. This lack of physical activity can increase the Rhett Syndrome and constipation in fact. You see, when the muscles of the body are not regularly being used in physical activity, it's not just the arm and leg muscles that are impacted. With a less active body the internal muscles like those that operate the digestive tract also become lethargic. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Rhett Syndrome. But, there are things you can do to lessen the Rhett Syndrome and constipation impacts.

Physical Therapy

If the person suffering with Rhett Syndrome is capable, you want to give them physical therapy to help get their body moving. This will remind all the muscles in the body that they need to be active, including the digestive ones.

Colon Cleanse

Another thing that can be extremely helpful is giving the colon and digestive tract a little assistance in clearing everything out, using a colon cleanse. A colon cleanse used regularly can keep the digestive tract clear of waste that the nerves were not allowing to move through as quickly as it should have, lessening the chances of severe bouts of constipation.

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