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Rhett Syndrome and Constipation – A Constipation Relieving Diet

If you or someone you know suffers for Rhett Syndrome and constipation, you may be looking for relief for this worst symptom of the ailment. Constipation is the first and most complained about side effect of Rhett Syndrome. While there is no cure for Rhett Syndrome, the good news is that by changing a diet, it is possible to find some relief for the constipation aspects of this illness.

The foods that are taken into the body all have a different effect on how they work with the system. Some foods that are being taken could make constipation worse. Meanwhile, others can help alleviate some of the constipation issues that one may be having. Here's a quick look in some of the things to keep in mind when trying to create the best constipation relieving diet.

High Fiber – A high fiber diet is an excellent way to battle Rhett syndrome and constipation connection. You see, high fiber foods help the body naturally clean out the digestive tract, which can reduce instances of constipation. This means a switch from white pastas and breads to whole grains. Additionally, diets that are high in fruits and vegetables are great sources of fiber. There are also fiber supplements on the market that can be added to meals for those who need a little extra boost.

Low Fat - Foods that are high in fat are very hard for the body to break down. This is the type of stuff that can muck up the system, slow down the digestive process and lead to constipation. Therefore, it's best to cut out some of the fat in the diet.

Fresh and Organic - Choosing foods that are fresh and organic can also help you in your battle against the Rhett Syndrome and constipation connection. Organic foods don't have the hormones that some regular meats do nor the pesticides and many of the other additives, preservatives and chemicals that a lot of foods in the grocery store contain. All of these extra additives, preservatives, hormones and chemicals mean more work for your body to break down that food and pull nutrients from it. The more work the body takes the more likely it might slow down the process of removing waste which can lead to constipation.

Water – Hydration is vital in keeping the Rhett Syndrome and constipation connection under control. The body needs a lot of water in order to easily move waste through the system and out of the body. The average person should try to consume at least 6-8 cups of water every day.

One important note when working on a constipation relieving diet. Don't change everything overnight. A drastic change to the diet in the body can be shocking to the system. This can lead to a number of new medical issues as the body reacts adversely to the change. This is something that should be done gradually, slowly changing out some of the not as healthy foods for the more healthy ones.

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