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Recovering From a Rich Meal With a Colon Cleanse

Have too much one night? Whether it was a dinner that ways way too rich for your system or one drink just lead to another and you now are regretting all those cocktails, you need to help your body recover from that indulgence.

While you may think it's just a stomach ache or head ache you are getting from your gluttony, there is much more happening to your system that you may not know about.

The Meal

Usually, when we overindulge in food, it's going to be a meal heavy in meat, potatoes, fats (in the meal and dessert). These are all items that are harder for your body to break down, digest and remove.

The Impact

The initial impact of these types of foods is an impact that you are going to immediately feel. You will be bloated or stuffed and even get cramps and gas as your body tries to break it all down.

At this point it is important to understand that it takes your intestinal tract two or even three days to process the foods that you eat. Putting a lot of food in, lots of rich foods, can clog up the system and it may even take up to a week to get some of the foods through your intestines.

Another snag you have caused is that for the most part when people are out and having a great time with good food they eat too quickly. That means there is less chewing than there should be and you will swallow larger than advised pieces of food that will make your body work even harder to break them down.

Enzyme Shortage

Too much food in your colon at once can also cause a snag in the digestive process. Your body uses enzymes to break down meals after you eat them. If you each too much, your body may not have enough of the enzymes to get the job done.


Once you have over indulged, you may try an easy way out, such as taking an anti-gas medication. While that may relieve the bloating, just removing a little discomfort is not going to really help your body recover from the meal you have taken in.

To really make a difference, you need to aid your body in the removal of the food that is backing up in your system. This is where a colon cleanse comes into play. You don't want to let your system clog up and keep the food sticking inside longer than it needs to. As the food sits in your system it starts to break down and rot. Toxins come off of the breaking down food and can pile up inside your colon. As these toxins are gathering in your system, they can spread into your body and blood and make you ill.

Getting a colon cleanse is a way to give your body aid in removing that rich food and the toxins coming from it.

Many people like to wait. They wait a day or so then finally decide to get a colon cleansing to help their body get rid of all the food remnants. But the best option is to do this more quickly.

Ideally, it would be best to begin your colon cleanse when you get home the same night you have had the over indulgence. A gentle oxygen colon cleanse is a good way to relieve your system while you sleep.

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