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Recovering From Constipation After Lead Exposure

With the wave of items coming from China with a dangerous level of lead in them, you may wonder how to tell if you have been surrounded by too much lead in your home. One of the clues that there could be a problem is constipation. Believe it or not, constipation is one of the symptoms of lead exposure. Other symptoms include being tired, unable to sleep, headaches and loss of appetite.

While many had thought and hoped that lead poisoning was a thing of the past, the truth is it is still out there and a very dangerous thing to deal with. These days there is no way to know just where it is, as can be seen by the toy recalls that are happening pretty regularly.

If you have had lead exposure you may have seen a number of the symptoms previously mentioned. Now you want to get your body back on the track to healing and recovering from this danger to your system. One thing you should consider is an oxygen-based colon cleanse.

There are two aspects that make oxygen based colon cleansing the way to go.

First is the colon cleanse. An oxygen based colon cleanse should be taken orally. This means it will work its way through your entire digestive tract and clean out all aspects of your system, removing any toxins that are still in your body. This is vital. As you are recovering from lead exposure or any other ailment, you want to make sure you have cleared out all of the remaining toxins or the waste byproducts of those toxins from your system. The only way to do this is to completely clear out your system, which is what a colon cleanse will do for you.

The next thing to think about is how to help your body get back on track and heal itself from any damage that was done. This is where the oxygen in the oxygen based colon cleanses comes in. Oxygen is an amazing healing tool. The medical industry knows this and that is precisely why they put people with immune deficiencies in hyperbaric chambers that they can fill with oxygen to aid the body in healing from any damages. This is exactly what you will be able to do yourself when you take an oxygen based colon cleansing product. As the cleanse works its way through your system it will give off a byproduct of oxygen which will go through the walls of your digestive tract and into your blood, healing your entire body.

As a matter of fact, many people use oxygen based colon cleanses regularly as not only a way to cure constipation and other digestive problems, but also as a way to help their body get a boost from that healing oxygen inside the capsules. No matter what ailment they are suffering from, the oxygen that is released by the cleanser will help them feel better and can help overcome fatigue or other illnesses that may be bothering them.

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