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Piles, Hemorrhoids and Constipation, Oh My!

When it comes to discussions about constipation, colon cleanse options, and the problems that one can have it if they don't keep their digestive tract running properly, you've probably heard about the possibility of hemorrhoids or piles already, but do you really know what these are? For a lot of people, they don't talk about the bad things that can happen if you are body has a tough time trying to cleanse colon waste out of it.

For the most part piles and hemorrhoids are the same thing. What happens is that a blood vessel, usually in or around the anus, becomes engorged with excess blood. This causes it to swell slightly. Generally, this in itself is not going to be a problem. However, when there is pressure put against the blood vessel is when you're going to start having trouble. Constipation, and the pushing and straining that goes with it, is one of the examples of pressure you don't need in this case. It is also about to illustrate why it is so important to have a colon cleanse if your body cannot cleanse colon waste effectively itself.

Pain and bleeding are the general symptoms people are going to notice when they have piles or hemorrhoids. As pressure is placed against the blood vessel, this can be very irritating to the tissue around it, causing pain. If you have constipation, you understand the kind of pressure there is as you are straining and trying to push a bowel movement out of your body. If there is enough pressure and straining happening, the blood vessel can even burst, leading to bleeding from the hemorrhoid. Unless you do something to help your colon cleanse waste out, this can continue to happen time and time again, causing regular bouts of bleeding and pain. This is why many people turn to a colon cleanse.

So now you're going to have to choose which colon cleanse will be best for you. Initially you may just be thinking you want something to stop the constipation. However, there is more you should look for and expect from something that claims to cleanse colon waste from your body. Sure, you want relief from the constipation. That's a given. However, depending on the colon cleanse you choose, you can get different levels of effect to the cleansing.

If you're taking an anally inserted colon cleanse, this can only clear out the lower portions of the colon. Now, if this is where your constipation is based, it will take care of it when it works to cleanse colon waste from that area. However, if you have blockages further up in the digestive tract, you're still going to have a problem.

Instead, you may want to choose an oral colon cleanse. In this case, the supplement will not only cleanse colon waste but also any other waste that is stuck throughout the entire digestive tract. Usually, the way this is taken is through a capsule, liquid or pill supplement. It moves from the stomach through every section of the digestive tract to clear out any waste that has become clogged up throughout the body.

If you decided to go the oral colon cleanse route, you may want to think about one other thing. Why not get more than just something that will cleanse colon waste out of your body? Didn't know that was possible? Well, many colon cleanse solutions have extra perks to them. One of the most popular is those that have an oxygen base and an oxygen byproduct. These give off oxygen when you use them to cure constipation. The oxygen is a natural healer for the body and can continue to make you feel better as your body is cleared out.

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