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More Colon Cleaning Questions Answered

The list of questions about colon cleansing going through the minds of those who are considering a colon cleansing seems to be never ending. Here are more of the questions we have encountered, and the answers to put you in the know about this delicate, but necessary, process.

What are the side effects of colon cleansing?

This will differ by the person using the colon cleansing as well as the method of colon cleansing being used. Many people experience slight side effects like cramps, bloating, gas, flatulence and even bouts of diarrhea when they begin the colon cleansing process. The important thing to note is that this is not a permanent condition. The first time you do a colon cleanse, you are asking your colon to clean out years of packed in waste. This can be a bit much for a system. But subsequent colon cleansings will likely be much less bothersome and soon you may not even notice you are doing one.

Can I colon cleanse while pregnant or nursing?

Those who are pregnant or nursing should always take caution before taking on any new health procedure. Talk to your doctor about your options before beginning a colon cleansing regimen.

I am afraid I'll be stuck in the bathroom all day, will I?

The first time many people do a colon cleanse, there is a risk that you may have to go to the restroom more frequently than you are accustomed to. This is natural considering that you are trying to remove years or decades of waste that has built up in your colon or intestines. Many people who are doing a first colon cleanse choose to do it when they know they will be home that day. If you have weekends off, it may be wise to start your colon cleanse program on a Friday evening, so even if there are a few extra trips to the restroom it will not be a problem. Once you have had a few colon cleanses, things should mellow out to a point where you only go 2-3 times a day during the program.

Will I lose weight with a colon cleanse?

Many people report weight loss because of getting colon cleanses. If you think about it, it makes sense. All that waste has weight. Many people lose between 10 and 20 pounds of weight when they are doing a colon cleansing. Many who are beginning a diet use this as a way to get a head start and sike themselves up for their weight loss to come.

Can I use laxatives to get the same results?

No. Laxatives are not beneficial to your body. Instead of getting rid of the backed up toxins in your body, laxatives will pull fluids out of your body to flush recent foods you have eaten through. While you may think this is helpful, laxatives are actually removing fluids that your body needs from your system and not replacing them with anything. They also are not removing the compacted waste lining your colon walls.

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