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Magnesium Deficiency and Constipation

Many people don’t really pay attention to what they are taking in and whether or not their body is getting the nutrients it needs until they notice something is wrong and then work to sort out what they may be missing. In some cases you may be surprised to find that the symptom that something is missing from your diet is constipation.

When it comes to Magnesium, most people are not getting enough of it. Magnesium comes from oat bran, wheat and other whole grains, soy, seeds and nuts and those green leafy vegetables that no one seems to eat enough of.

While you may not have thought a lot about magnesium, it is vital to your system, being responsible for literally hundreds of chemical processes in the body from helping to control your blood sugar to keeping your bones strong and keeping your bowels working properly.

That means if you are deficient in magnesium you may see side effects such as constipation.

While you may think you eat a generally healthy diet, the truth is that it’s not always easy to make sure your body has enough magnesium and that bout of constipation you are getting may be a symptom letting you know that you are magnesium deficient.

Studies show that about 80 percent of diets have less than 55 percent of the daily-recommended magnesium content, meaning the majority of us are deficient. Making matters worse is the fact that there are a number of things that can deplete your magnesium intake even more. Things such as alcohol, using calcium supplements, the regular use of diuretics and some GI diseases can make it harder for your body to absorb the magnesium it needs.

In many ways, it's a catch 22. Your body not getting enough magnesium can lead to constipation and then you try to use diuretics to relieve the constipation, which is really making things worse as it is depleting even more of your magnesium intake.

So, what is the solution? The best answer may be to get a full system colon cleanse. A full system colon cleansing is where you take a colon cleanse orally, usually through capsules. The ingredients then work through your entire digestive tract helping to alleviate the constipation you are feeling and cleaning out your digestive tract. This will give your body a clean slate to pull in the nutrients from the food you eat without you needing to take any more of those diuretics.

When considering which type of colon cleanse to use to alleviate your constipation, you may want to consider using a cleanse that also has a beneficial side product. An oxygen based colon cleanse not only helps to clean anything out of your digestive tract that has become clogged, but also releases oxygen directly into your system. Oxygen is a very powerful healer and can give your body a great boost of energy and healing while also cleaning out the waste that is bogging your system down.

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