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Laxative Dangers – Chronic Constipation

Unfortunately, not all digestive systems work as cooperatively as they should within every body. For some, the digestive tract can block up regularly, leading to chronic constipation. When many people get constipated, they go for what they think is a quick solution to the problem – a laxative. Unfortunately, quite often a laxative can make chronic constipation worse and leave them looking for any other solution to cleanse colon waste out of their body.

The problem with taking laxatives for constipation is that the body quickly becomes dependent on the help of those laxatives to cleanse colon waste out of the digestive tract. As soon as you stop taking the laxative, the constipation will come back, often worse. The reason for this is that the way a laxative becomes a colon cleanse is to pull as much of the water out of your body as it can and use that water to flush the waste out. But now your body is depleted of water that it needs to naturally move waste through the system, making it quicker for constipation to crop up again.

Instead, the better option is to do a colon cleanse that will remove the waste, but leave your body in as good of, if not better, operating condition than it was before. To this end you have two options when it comes to ways to cleanse colon waste out. Depending on the kind of chronic constipation you have, and where it's based, one of these may work better than the other.

If your constipation is based in your colon, and anal colon cleanse may take care of your issue. In this case, a tube is inserted in the anus and a liquid solution is used to break up the waste sticking to the walls of the colon and flushes them away. This is usually done in a doctor or practitioner's office and is an effective way to cleanse colon waste physically.

If your constipation is based further up in the digestive tract, you may need to look into an oral colon cleanse. This type of colon cleanse is usually taken in a capsule form. The active ingredients will start to work as soon as they hit your stomach. This means that if there is any waste that's been caught up along the walls of the intestines all the way through the colon, it will break it up and flush it out. This is the most effective style of colon cleanse.

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