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Knowing When You Need to Colon Cleanse

If you are like most people, you appreciate all the things your body does for you, but don't really think about it too much.

Do you really know what happens in your body when you eat something?

When you chew, you are creating the first enzymes that will help to break down the food. Most people don't chew as much as they should and instead swallow their food in larger pieces than are easily digestible. This puts your digestive system at a disadvantage.

Next, the food gets down into your stomach and digestive tract and other enzymes break them down. These pieces of broken down food then move into the intestines where the nutrients that can be taken from the food are sucked out and into your body.

Unfortunately, only about 10% of the food we eat carries the nutrients we can use. The rest of it is just waste that has to make its way through your body until it can be removed through a bowel movement.

This is a lot of work for the body, and it's not perfect work. Some of the foods you eat get stuck up along the way. They get stuck to the wall of the intestines and colon instead of passing through in a timely manner. These pieces will then begin to decompose and give off toxins, which are dangerous to your body. For this reason you need to offer a way for your colon to clean itself out, through colon cleansing.

If you have heard about this concept but aren't sure you need it, think about this. When was the last time you felt tired? Constipated? Irritable? Bloated for no reason? How about had a bout of bad breath? Headaches? Even depression can come from having too much toxin producing waste in your intestines.

Many people are amazed when they see such a list of symptoms. They think only constipation is a sign of a problem, but don’t realize it can be a much quieter problem than that with symptoms that are not traditionally associated with digestion.

Once you have found that colon cleansing may be a good move for you, it's time to decide what type of colon cleansing to have. There are plenty of options on the market, all offering great relief in an easy to take way. But before you grab the first pills on the shelf, think of what you want to put into your body. It is best to look for a natural option that puts natural things in and is easy to move through your system.

Oxygen colon cleansing is one of the things that fit this description. Oxygen colon cleanses are natural items in, and give off a natural byproduct - Oxygen.

Oxygen not only is a natural byproduct, but it can also be a health aiding one. Oxygen not only is something that you need to breathe to stay alive, but it is also a healing agent that helps the body repair any damage done, as well as get a boost of energy to keep going.

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