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Keep Colon Cancer Away with Colon Cleansing

What if I told you that one of the most common types of cancer may be able to be prevented? This is exactly the case with colon cancer.

First you need to understand how colon cancer comes about and the organ it effects.

The colon's job is to take nutrients and fluids from the food we eat and drink and bring them into our body while at the same time sorting out the waste and moving it along to be removed from the body in bowel movements.

The movement of waste through the system is partially impacted by the kinds of foods we eat. If you eat a healthy diet that is high in fiber, your colon will get a little help from that fiber in moving the waste through the body. But this kind of diet is not the norm. Unfortunately, most Americans eat diets full of fats and very low in healthy fiber. This makes things a little harder for the colon to move the waste through. Small pieces of waste get stuck in the colon and start to rot, releasing toxins. Those toxins weaken the colon.

The disease begins, as it may seem obvious in the colon. By nature, the colon is supposed to be a very strong, disease-fighting organ, but through our bad habits we have made it harder for the colon to protect and defend itself. This is when the cancer finds an open doorway to crawl into.

What Do You Do?

Do you change your diet to eat healthier? Yes! This is a great start, but it won't undo all the years of toxins that have already piled up in your colon. While a healthy diet can lessen the toxins that stack up in the future, you still have to do something to flush out the past. This is where colon cleansing comes in.

Colon cleansing is just what it sounds like. It is a process in which a cleansing solution is put into the colon to literally clean out all the built up toxins and waste. This process will remove the gunk from the walls of your colon, allow it to heal itself and rebuild the enzymes your immune system needs.

How Do You Do It?

Once you know how to get your body back where you need it to be, the big question is how to do it.

While there are a number of options in the category of colon cleansing, the best ones are the colon cleanses that clean the entire colon. These are usually taken orally, as that is the only way to make sure the solution makes it through the entire GI tract and does the job you need completed.

These types of colon cleanses usually come in one of two formats – herbal or oxygen based. Herbal colon cleanses are solutions made of a number of herbs that are meant to clean out your colon while also offering some healing properties. Likewise, oxygen based colon cleansing solutions do the job at hand and then use oxygen as the healing element. Oxygen is known to help the body improve the rate of healing as well as giving an energy boost.

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